11/24 From Bohea to Earl Grey: A Historical Tea Tasting
Castle Hill | 4-5:30PM

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November 2019

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When visitors come to Castle Hill, they often also look around for a tea room - because who wouldn''t want to sip tea while looking over the Grand Allee? But why? What is it about tea than means it feels so at home in a house like the Great House at Castle Hill?

From Bohea to Earl Grey will explore the preparation and brewing, customs and ettiquette of an afternoon tea while also introducing you to how these customs have changed over time, right along with the blends of tea that were available. Included in the tasting will be teas such as the classic "Earl Grey", the "Bohea" tea that was dumped in Boston Harbor in 1773, as well as other classics.

Alongside the varieties of tea will be served scones and other traditional tea time treats!

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