12/08 Farm Nisse
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December 2017

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The Nisse – a farm elf from Scandinavian folklore – will visit Appleton Farms. While we wait for the Nisse to awake from his slumber in the hayloft, there will be children's holiday crafts, cookies and hot chocolate, and carolers. Upon his decent from the hayloft, the Nisse must be offered his porridge. If his porridge isn't just right, he will play tricks on the farmers and tie the cows tails in knots! If he likes his porridge, he will let us help spread the magic seeds bringing good fortune to the farm in the year ahead. Registration is by the family- if you have 6 or more in your family, please register 2 families as we want to have enough cookies and hot chocolate for all. This year we hosting two nights of the Nisse on December 8th and 9th.

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