10/15 Tree to Table
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October 2017

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Learn the basics of making acorn flour -- a sustainably harvested product and join us in this ages-old tradition using plentiful nuts from our mightly oaks of New England. Sample a few recipes and share ideas of your own.  We''ll go out in search of the right size acorn to harvest, prepare and then use for making flour.  Fall is the best time of year to collect acorns from the forest floor.  Are all species of oaks used to make flour?  Come get your questions answered and learn how to best dry and grind your own!  Wondering what to bring to your next potluck?  Join Arborist Timothy Ryan as we learn the technique of turning acorns from the oak tree into a nutrient dense flour for consumption. We will review collection, sorting, shelling and leaching methods that anyone can do at home to make a gourmet flour. 

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